December 24, 2014

Confirmed: Our U.S. President negotiated the homecoming of Beau Bergdahl with cash. Lots of cash. Five billion dollars in cash.


Reports this week tell the grim story that not only was a huge sum of cash paid directly to the Taliban, but that also incredibly dangerous terrorists were released for Beau Bergdahl. Not to be forgotten are the widespread reports and eyewitness testimony with compelling evidence that Bergdahl was not a prisoner of war, but a deserter of his military post.



While allowing the sticker shock of the sheer dollars paid for this unprecedented release, let's use a familiar scenario to demonstrate the injustice of the negotiation.


The US is sitting at a blackjack table. In it's possession are several things. Chip...

December 24, 2014

As a recent study done by the Heritage Foundation shows, a combination of incentives, waste and lack of incentives for getting off food stamps will make the skyrocket in coming years.


Oregon takes advantage of a federal program that incentivizes states to increase enrollment on food stamps. While Oregon takes advantage of those incentives, one would wish for this holiday season that policy makers would be just as aggressive in preventing fraud.


Another perspective might be helpful. Oregon desires the incentives of the federal program instead of the outgoing consequences...much like those individuals who commit food stamp fraud.






December 11, 2014

A look at the amount of funding TriMet has received in payroll taxes, approved by Oregon's legislature in 2003, shows broken promises. Testimony was vehement that the payroll tax increase would result in increased services.


Cascade Policy Institute easily found this to be untrue. Not only have payroll taxes increased, fares and other funding sources increased as well. A quick look at TriMet's own numbers demonstrates that the expressed promise before Oregon's legislature was not fulfilled. Route service trends have dropped. Taxpayers and fare payers are paying more for diminished services.


Portland area residents and TriMet riders are free to reference these numbers when TriMet goes before Oregon's legislature asking for more.


Resources: Cascade...

December 3, 2014

In 1997 Oregon's legislature introduced the salmon license plate. Car owner's were assured upon payment, $30 each renewal, were earmarked "directly to projects that address road-related impacts to salmon and trout streams."


What has the salmon plate funding paid for since 2013?

  • Car owners have paid for the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board's small grants administrator. An office position. Not opening culverts for fish.

  • Car owners can also sleep well knowing their voluntary fee is set to pay for future website improvements to make it possible to apply for online grants.

Yes, website. In the state of Oregon, having a state agency run a state government does not have a record of success for launch or fiscal responsibility. What c...

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