January 24, 2015


Oregon Senator, Doug Whitsett, recently published a break down of the 45 different clean energy bills introduced into Oregon's current legislative session.


Read here for the extreme economic impact.


He ends his piece with chilling words: "The complete cessation of emission from combustion of fossil fuels in Oregon would benefit no one while permanently crippling our economic ability to compete with other states and nations."







January 17, 2015

Welcome to Oregon where figuring out who voted for what based upon their campaign platform becomes an exercise in mind games.


This week, Oregonians are slowly realizing the gut punch of the initial wave of introduced bills could cause if even half passed. The tax-mageddon has only just begun.


Several bills are fuel taxes. HB2075 increases aircraft fuel taxes, HB2082 is a carbon fuel tax (cars are bad, remember), HB2086 is a fossil fuel tax, HB2092 is a green energy tax credit (read "tax credit" as "government giveaway") for low or zero emissions vehicles and HB2272 is an increase in vehicle fuel.


Hold onto your pocketbook if half of those pass. Who is behind this? All of the above listed bills except for HB2272 were introduced by the House Interi...

January 6, 2015

When looking at the Fed's accounting of its loan programs, the impression is given that many are in fact producing a profit for taxpayers. That is untrue.



In a recent article, Politico uncovered the loan debacle with the Maritime Administration (MarAd). It was headed for one of the biggest loan defaults since 2001. David Matsuda took the leadership of MarAd, and found himself in the position of "Uncle Sam's repo man" of massive ships scattered around the globe.


This is alarming when coupled with the US's national debt and 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities





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