February 27, 2015

Session Watch (Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation) praises Senator Betsy Johnson for standing up to protect hard-working Oregonians and voting NO on the Hidden Gas Tax!


This bill is tainted by corruption and cover-ups involving Cylvia Hayes' lucrative contracts to promote it.  We need more representatives like Betsy who are willing to do what is right for all of Oregon.  


Thank you, Senator Johnson!



February 20, 2015

KOIN TV 6 recently did a follow up on the Adolescent Sexuality Conference promoted and paid for by the Oregon Department of Education. Talking points at the conference include using "pony play" pornography and methamphamines.


Additionally, as a KOIN  TV reporter discovered, getting an official statement regarding the conference from Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Rob Saxton, requires running shoes and the ability to run stairs.


Such waste might be good to think about as the legislature asks for more money to fund "education".



Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference--What Are Our Tax Dollars Paying For?

UPDATE--Seaside Adolescent Sexuality Conference.

















February 18, 2015

Governor Kitzhaber wants you to drive less, and he knows that the best way to discourage driving is to make it more expensive.


The simplest way to do this would be to raise the state gas tax, which is currently 30 cents per gallon. However, this would require approval by three-fifths of the state legislative assembly, rather than the simple majority necessary for non-tax measures. There might not be enough votes for a tax increase.


The other problem is that the Oregon Constitution directs all gas tax revenues to be used only for road maintenance and improvement. Since improving roads would actually benefit motorists and potentially encourage more driving, this would undercut the Governor’s objective.


Instead, he is backing a legislative proposal...

February 16, 2015

The Statesman Journal showed its true colors in a recent article accusing Republicans of capitalizing on Governor Kitzhaber’s downfall by putting doubt about the intentions of SB 324-carbon fuel emissions hidden tax being peddled by the Democrat majority in the disguise of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.  It seems like the reporter is simply regurgitating legislative Democrats talking points, while ignoring the elephant in the room; the FBI and Oregon DOJ investigations into corruption based on Cylvia Hayes ties to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.


The Statesman Journal claims “The bill does not contain any taxes or government fees” something the flyer never says, while ignoring our claim that these are “hidden taxes”. Additionally, the piece goes on t...

February 1, 2015

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation (OCWF) is one of many organizations in Oregon that monitor the policies that come out of the state's legislature.  Of particular concern  this session is the gas tax increase. The Taxpayer Association of Oregon has been monitoring the Portland street fee debate and was involved in educating Portland residents about the possible "public vote" that Mayor Charlie Hales and Councilman Steve Novick were touting.  


When Hales suddenly nixed that plan and announced that the legislature is considering a gas tax increase and that Portland would likely benefit from that--it caught OCWF's attention.  There were reports that Governor Kitzhaber and House Majority Leader, Tina Kotek, actually contacted Mayor Hales duri...

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