March 27, 2015


Contracts with companies that don't exist, $11.8 million in tax credits (money going out of Oregon's coffers that could be spent better), consultants failing to return calls, new contracts with companies that have gone out of business, documents not being reviewed, construction not complete....


What could possibly go wrong? Oregonians hard earned tax dollars go poof, and no one cared to vet this project in the four years it existed.


The Oregonian has only recently been reporting on it. The Department of Justice and Department of Energy are only recently realizing what the problem is.


Your dollars being wasted.

March 13, 2015


Session Watch, a project of Oregon Capitol Watch, has kept a close eye on SB324. It passed easily through a left leaning legislature that culminated with Governor Kate Brown signing it into law. Legislators voted this in despite the public outcry, including opposition from The Oregonian, proof of questionable numbers and "science" from Oregon's own Department of Environmental Quality, and proof, as this mailer shows, that it will hit the pocketbooks of Oregonians hard.


While Rep Shemia Fagan was targeted for this mailer, any legislator who voted for this bill can consider themselves complicit with this very harmful legislation. A list of all the votes taken on this bill can be seen here.


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