May 19, 2015



Oregon Senator, Doug Whitsett, exposes smoke and mirror savings in 3194 A (pathway for early release of dangerous sexual criminals) and the bait and switch as the Dems budget redirects the money from community corrections to other stuff.


Read his latest newsletter here. Ask yourself, will you feel safer after such a bill passes?


"We ultimately need our criminal justice system to meet its intended purpose of keeping our streets safe by functioning in the most cost-effective way possible. Allocating the projected savings resulting from HB 3194-A to Community Corrections will serve that purpose.

Currently, the Co-Chairs are planning to use about $38 million of those funds for other purposes. I believe their proposed action would be a huge disservic...

May 18, 2015

Our Guests: Jeff Kropf, Exec. Dir. & Entrepreneur Wayne Allyn Root

This week:  Two years on and the IRS targeting scandal continues and, worse, the arrogance of IRS attorneys continue unabated. So where are we? Will anything substantial ever happen to the people at the IRS who targeted conservative groups? (Other than paid leave or retiring on the taxpayer dime, of course.)


This week on I Spy Radio, we take an in-depth look at the IRS targeting scandal. First, we’ll talk with former Oregon State Representative Jeff Kropf about his experiences with the IRS when he tried to form his nonprofit, Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation, the chill it sent through conservative circles, and a startling new development in his lawsuit against the IRS. Not only has...

May 15, 2015



The Associated Press reports the Veterans Administration is "improperly spending at least $5 billion a year for medical care and supplies being purchased in violation of required practices for competitive bidding and written contracts, a senior VA official said Thursday."


Gross mismanagement, mockery, illegal purchases, excessive prices, serious violations, and staggering--all words the report uses to describe the VA's waste.


Be assured--although here are OCWF, we aren't--the VA states they have tightened controls.


May 14, 2015


Petunia is fresh off her Southern Oregon tour recently, where she awared Josephine County Commissioners the "Porker Award" for continued waste by pushing through Measure 17-66 for a levy voters have voted down ten previous times.


Jeff Kropf, executive director of Oregon Capitol Watch states, "Voters in Josephine County are not dumb and they see this so called ‘citizens initiative’ as nothing more than creating a big slush fund for the commissioners, with no guarantees the money actually goes to public safety. The lack of transparency from the commission has created a stunning level of distrust amongst the citizens and I will be surprised if Measure 17-66 passes."


Click here for the full story.




May 13, 2015

The Spectator did a recent Op/Ed piece analyzing the colossal waste of Cover Oregon currently ratcheting up legal bills regarding who is to blame for it's epic failure.


The average American earns roughly $1 million dollars in their lifetime. As one begins to look at the immense waste of just a single boondoggle project like Cover Oregon, and how flippant government treats hard earned taxpayer dollars, it is staggering.


The Spectator comes to harrowing conclusion:

"A country that can readily wave off such waste is courting not renaissance but ruin."




May 8, 2015


A message from the government watch folks in Pendleton, OR:


The Pendleton Tea Party Patriots are sponsoring Petunia (the giant pig). She not only roots out government waste, her round belly demonstrates she dines well on government waste.


We need your help putting her on a diet. Obesity is a problem in America and we can’t blame fast food drive-thru windows for this one. It’s our fault. We need to say NO NO NO! It’s going to be hard for her to turn down all the junk and goodies, but a diet is the answer.


Help us put Petunia out of the detective business as well as put her on a diet.


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