December 29, 2015

 Is the fix in? I guess I shouldn't be surprised when I read this story that the Federal Government may not demand back from Oregon the entire 305 Million dollars state bureaucrats wasted on the failed Cover Oregon website which never signed up a single customer. I was stunned that it may be such a small amount of money, ($800,000 plus) that the Feds might ask Oregon to pay back to the taxpayers.


The story doesn't say that the Feds will demand it back which along with the small amount identified as not appropriate spending makes me wonder if the ghost of disgraced former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been working quietly with the Feds (our Congressional delegation?) to make this all just go away and be forgotten. Are the Feds afraid to emba...

December 16, 2015


The Federal Government Accountability Office released a report yesterday stating flatly the EPA violated Federal law regarding propoganda and lobbying over the EPA's "Waters of the United States" rulemaking process by using social media platforms that linked to environmental advocacy groups. Since Oregon's DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) implements EPA policy in Oregon is it a reasonable question to ask if the DEQ also violated Federal or state laws for the same reasons? We will find out and let you know. 

December 11, 2015

 As long time stock trader I have never used 'naked put options' as the enourmous risk it carries is not worth employing it as a trading strategy. Yet as renowned economist Randall Pozdena points out in this OPED

that is the strategy the Oregon Supreme Court has effectively used in it's PERS rulings. So the question to be asked of Supreme Court justices who are in the PERS system (conflict of interest?) is this: are they ultimately responsible for the PERS mess we find ourselves in? Will their actions force hurtful tax increases on working families in Oregon to cover the PERS shortfall? If the answer is yes, will the voters hold them accountable? Stay tuned as this saga is far from over.

December 3, 2015

 It's ugly friends. Even with a seven year bull stock market, the PERS unfunded liability is exploding as this Oregonian story details.  The cost to taxpayers is going to be staggering as the only way to meet these obligations is to cut services and or raise taxes on everyone, not just the rich. The real question is this: what happens if the people reject the union's tax increases at the ballot and the ruling Democrats in the legislature refuse to make cuts to pay these court ordered obligations? Since Bankruptcy is not legally possible for the state, the options to deal with this will be brutal, politically speaking. It may boil down to this: a massive political wave elelction like 2010 with new leadership that once again puts reform legislation...

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