January 12, 2016

How bad is the Public Employee Retirement System's (PERS) unfunded liability? Pretty bad when a long time union champion, former AFL-CIO Oregon President Tim Nesbitt writes an OPED about how this problem is a political problem for Democrat Progressives or the "Regressives" as I call them. The problem he is obliquely referring to is the reality that eventually, the middle class are going to be forced to pay higher taxes to pay for the lavish retirement benefits of public employees in the system compared to the far less generous benefits of 83% of the private sector workforce in Oregon.


The story recites the recommendations of Nesbitt and the Portland City Club to modify PERS in a manner that passes legal muster, but really just nibbles around the...

January 4, 2016



It is a welcome change to give kudos to a group of elected government officials when they get it right, policy wise anyway. Such is the case with the Lane County Commission who has begun a program of buying out high cost senior county employees into retirement and reaping big cost savings down the road. This story also articulates how the program will stay on target with its savings goals and puts in place employee fiendly options like Health Savings Accounts while lowering overall costs to the taxpayers of employing county workers. Obviously, the Commissioners needed to negotiate these changes with the unions which they have done successfully.


Clearly they see the handwriting on the wall with the expected PERS cost explosion begining in 2017...

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