February 26, 2016

 Five Oregon House Republicans have voted once and likely twice for a bill that will drastically raise electricity rates, make the electrical grid less reliable and violate limited government, free market principles. Why? Because it is the lesser of two evils approach brought on by the radical environmentalists blackmailing them with a possible draconian citizens initiative. This story in the Oregon Catalyst illustrates how legislators make deals with the devil  after having beleived the many lies told by the discredited environmental community, plus giving the crony capitalist big energy providers a sweet deal.


Thanks to the Senate Republicans who have stood arm in arm against this insanity, not to mention the clear thinking House Republicans w...

February 10, 2016

Well, like a bad dream, it's baaaaacckkk! The scandal ridden, crony capitalist effort to build a not needed new I-5 bridge spanning the Columbia River may be rearing it's very ugly head once again as this story reveals. Petunia awarded disgraced former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber the coveted Porker Award back in 2014 for his Oregon go it alone approach after the Washington State legislature wisely said no. Now the effort may be restarted, or not. Since that time serious proposals have been floated for a third bridge across the river either near the Port of Portland or eastward near Camas, so perhaps sanity and common sense will prevail this time. Only time will tell. 

February 4, 2016


It is truly ironic when the party of big government, tax and spend (Democrat) saves the supposed party of low taxes and smaller government (Republican) from shooting themselves in the foot with the taxpayers. A story in the East Oregonian lays out a twist which rarely happens in Oregon as Democrats are usually smart enough to let legislative Republicans commit political suicide, as they regularly do by supporting losing Democrat ideas like Cover Oregon, Medicaid expansion, CRC ect, costing them elections and an opportunity to govern.


So instead of introducing free market, limited government concepts to meet transportation needs, (privatizition or public/private partnerships) the brain trust of legislative Republicans exemplifies Einstein's defi...

February 2, 2016

 How smart is it to have your spokesperson make disparaging comments about a company you are suing for 5 billion dollars while your lawyers are trying to negotiate a settlement? Human nature says that is pretty dumb, yet that is precisely what Governor Kate Brown has done as this story by Nigel Jaquiss reveals. To the layman, it seems that the Governor is doubling down on trying to keep the pressure on Oracle to settle, even though her office already blew it once before as the story articulates. How many more millions of your taxdollars is she going to waste (4 million so far) before someone with common sense convinces her to back off?


You would think she would want to put this entire sordid affair of disgraced former Governor Kitzhaber's doing...

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