March 22, 2016


Taxpayer Association of Oregon says No on Measure 26-173


Portland is going to hurt you with a $60 million gas tax because they can’t control their spending…


$70 million wasted on contract overspending according to City Auditors (KOIN 6 TV 5-8-14)


$50 million misspent by City Water Bureau on failed, questionable and unrelated projects


$49 million City surplus 2015 (Oregonian 8-11-15)


$21 million over-spent on City software upgrade (Portland Business Journal 10-1-08)


$7 million over-spent on Morrison Bridge repair (KOIN 6 -TV 7-7-14)


$6 million over-budget for Greenway project the media calls “pathway to nowhere” (Oregonian 2-11-16)


$5 million City surplus in 2014 (Portland Tribune 1-2-14)


$3 million over-budget on City permit system (Oregonian 4-...

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