July 28, 2016

The words of liberal Oregon economist Joe Cortright "Its like hiring the fox to vet designs for the henhouse" are  all you need to know about the latest backroom deal in Salem that will hurt the middle class and the poor in the pocketbook and likely give more opportunities for ODOT to continue to waste tax dollars.

So once again, "the fix is in"!

This is the ruling political class of both parties stacking the deck so they can legitimize the next massive tax increase that will surely lead to more ODOT boondoggles like the CRC and the Eddyville/Pioneer Mountain by pass projects.

Any bets on how this review by a longtime ODOT consultant is going to turn out? I can guarantee this consultant will not bite the hand that feeds it, so you can expect a repor...

July 9, 2016

Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett's latest newsletter lays out the stark realities of the Oregon Department of Transportation's fiscal cliff it is about to fall off of. After reading through it, the only common sense conclusion one can reach is that ODOT's history of mismanaging the taxpayers resources continues unabated.

So it begs the question: why give ODOT more money if they are going to continue to waste or mismanage it?

This is a relevant question as we are seeing nearly every day news stories about the special legislative group meeting to come up with a new transportation package that will likely be the largest tax/fee increase on the citizens in Oregon ever!

Sen Whitsett points out the nearly $7,000 cost per driver to entice Oregon drivers to...

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