October 28, 2016

In a stunning revelation in an Oregonian article Monday, BOLI employees admitted to engaging in campaign work during normal work hours."Two of the staffers who volunteered for Avakian's campaign said on Monday that they always did so on their own time, or made up the work time later if they volunteered during work hours."

These admissions are a clear violation of Oregon law and should have been the story's headline. At a minimum, it should trigger a DOJ investigation, though with Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's track record of ignoring obvious violations in other scandals (Kitzhaber/Cylvia Hayes FBI corruption investigation) I wouldn't hold your breath.

This revelation triggers many questions: how can anyone verify that they made up the time? B...

October 20, 2016

The answer is: we don't know. 

Why? Because BOLI redacted (blacked out) an alarming number of employee activities during normal work hours, which we have never seen before.

They used the excuse "In the calendars, we have redacted personal information and meetings that are not BOLI-related public business, as per the AG’s Public Records Manual, page A-3, under ORS 192.502(2)." that these were activities unrelated to BOLI business and they could withhold them under a legally untested Attorney General's advisory opinion, if the information was of personal nature, such as going to the doctor.  

So, we have asked BOLI to clarify that all these redactions were for truly personal business and not activities with a public interest, such as working for ca...

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