December 15, 2017

Stopping Oregon legislators from selling their vote to get on the PERS gravy train begins with public awareness.

The recent abuse of PERS pension spiking by legislators illustrated by the appointment of Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli to a $119,000 year position by Democrat Gov Kate Brown leads one to ask the question, which Republican legislator will be tempted to sell their vote for a big fat PERS pension?

PERS pension spiking can only occur if a legislator is enrolled in PERS and has been serving for a long time. Since Republicans are likely to remain in the minority because of their incompetent or conflicted leadership, the perfect storm occurs that provides the opportunity for discouraged or corrupt Republican legislators to sell their...

December 5, 2017

 Those aren't our words, but rather the words and gist of an editorial from the Bend Bulletin published a couple of days ago. It centers on former long time state Republican senator Ted Ferrioli getting a huge taxpayer funded PERS pension spike as a result of his recent appointment to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council at a salary of $119,000 per year. The editorial states the obvious observation that this occurred after Ferrioli voted for the massive new health care tax and even co authored a voters pamphlet statement with Democrat Senate President Peter Courtney urging a yes vote  in January.


Not hardly.

The carrot of a big salary that creates a ridiculously high PERS pension for Sen Ferrioli was most likely dangled in fro...

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