January 25, 2018

Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation filed a formal ethics complaint today with the Oregon Ethics Commission against Governor Kate Brown based on this Forbes magazine article by Adam Andrzejewski yesterday. We did this because the Governor continues to exhibit the same incompetence or intentional non-transparency that we experienced with previous public records requests.

It's time to hold her accountable.

And we aren't alone as many editorial boards have taken the Governor to task for talking transparency in the wake of the Kitzhaber scandals but doing just the opposite.

In this case, her office filed deceptive and misleading required lobbying reports that show she wasn't spending any taxpayer money on lobbying when in reality she spent over $165,000.


January 3, 2018

Engineer and successful entrepreneur Allen Alley knows numbers and the numbers don't lie! He has done a deep dive into the PERS crisis and what he has found will blow your mind! The numbers reveal the truth of how bad the PERS crisis really is which leads us to only one conclusion:either the Salem politicians in the legislature are too stupid to understand basic math or they are lying to us! You can judge for yourself and see his PowerPoint presentation tonight at the Oregon Executive Club meeting, 7pm at the Portland Airport Shilo Inn .

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