May 21, 2018

It seems Oregon Governor Kate Brown is taking a page out of disgraced fellow democrat Brad Avakian's playbook by redacting large portions of her official calendar according to this recent article by Adam Andrzejeweski in Forbes magazine.

Is she hiding the same kind of illegal activity that Avakian did?

As noted in our post about Avakian's calendar redactions which lead to the admission that BOLI employees were in fact illegally working for Avakian's campaign during normal work hours, it isn't a stretch to believe that Kate Brown is doing the same.

This time honored Democrat technique of using taxpayer funded resources to illegally benefit Democrats like Governor Kitzhaber and BOLI Commissioner Avakian appears to be the same tactic Governor Brown...

May 14, 2018

As California goes, so goes Oregon.

California is considering a mandate that all new homes must install solar panels and if Oregon follows true to form, we may soon do the same thing as this Bend Bulletin editorial points out. It seems the leftists that run our state often copycat California's mistakes or try to with middle class crushing ideas like a complicated carbon trading scheme which we barely avoided in the February session.

The nanny state mentality of Oregon lawmakers who worship at the church of man made global warming prevails here with laws that only raise the cost of living, hurting the poor and middle class. Oregon's gas prices are considerably higher than the national average as the low carbon fuel standard kicks in and our normall...

May 2, 2018

 Well it seems the forgotten workers (left behind by liberal politicians) are getting pay, benefit increases, new 401K matches ect. here in Oregon despite the leftists saying that only the big corporations are going to benefit and not their workers.

They are wrong once again and here is the proof. Click on this link to see the list of large, midsize and small companies here in Oregon that are passing the tax cuts on to their workers.

The leftist politicians who run this state and who have never owned a business don't understand the capitalist profit motive which built the greatest economy in the world's history. Companies want to grow and make more money, which is why they reinvest new found dollars from the Trump tax cut into their companies and...

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