June 25, 2018

Would Ronald Reagan enact an open borders policy if he were President today as a means of filling needed employees because of an aging workforce? Would he again sign legislation for amnesty for Illegal aliens given how poorly that worked out for him the first time? These questions and even more arise from a controversial article in the Oregon Catalyst that advocates for more immigration, legal and illegal and that Reagan would approve.

Reagan regretted his amnesty and the failure of establishing real border security according to Ed Rollins, his long time political advisor, though Reagan's son Michael says he didn't regret the amnesty, but that congress didn't follow through on their part of establishing true border security. Either way it is hard...

June 18, 2018

 Sometimes you just shake your head in disbelief. Kate Brown's finger pointing bureaucrats now argue that Salem's on again, off again toxic algae water crisis could have been avoided if Salem's water bureaucrats had just known that DEQ had the equipment to test the water each day rather than ship samples by FedEx out of state resulting in three day delay for results, while people are consuming potentially harmful water.

I mean, it's not like state water bureaucrats ever talk to Salem's water bureaucrats you know, right?

If you believe that explanation for this mess, then you believe that OJ is still searching for his wife's killer.

This story quotes a DEQ official making the argument that Salem water bureaucrats may not have known the state could...

June 6, 2018

By all means yes! Prosecute the food stamp recipients engaging in fraud! It is a missing part of solving food stamp 'cash back' fraud here in Oregon. Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has issued an advisory report about food stamp fraud investigations and while it details prosecutions of retailers engaging in this fraud, it doesn't include prosecuting the other willing participants, the food stamp recipients. The full report is here.

If they were prosecuted and forced to pay back the money, the word would get out on the street quickly and the cash back fraud that allows recipients to buy banned items like alcohol and lottery tickets would stop.

An interesting note: the data about 1% fraud in EBT is 10 years old before the massive Obama administr...

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