August 26, 2018

Welcome to another story of wasteful spending from the Land of Kate.

The Bend Bulletin's recent editorial about how to squander millions in taxpayer dollars here in Oregon on failed projects like Solo Power is close to the mark, but doesn't quite get there. Neither does the Oregonian story about the matter.

Why you ask?

Because they both ignored Kate Brown's obvious failure of leadership. It seems Kate  held no one accountable for making this series of bad decisions including recently authorizing $641,000 in state dollars to pay Solo Power's rent, even though their factory was shut down nearly 5 years ago!

And to add insult to injury, unbelievably the greenie bureaucrats at the Oregon Department of Energy asked Kate for permission to give even more...

August 15, 2018

 Yes Virginia. Yes it is.

How else do you explain the series of massively expensive information technology failures in Oregon? Or the Cover Oregon debacle? Or the PERS 'Ponzi Scheme destructive impacts?

And on and on and on... The list seems endless.

Oregon's deep state isn't the traditional definition of 'deep state' (military/intelligence and bureaucratic elites) but rather a much more insidious and expansive collusion between arrogant, utopian politicians, inept bureaucrats and crony capitalist companies.

Check out OCWF's Executive Director Rep. Jeff Kropf's  (Ret) videos about this subject on the OCWF Facebook page and our twitter feed at OCWF1.

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