October 17, 2018

We really shouldn't be surprised that a libertarian oriented think tank, the Cato Institute, would give Oregon Governor Kate Brown an “F” on their 14th biennial budget report card of nearly all the states in the country.In fact Kate Brown is presented as the worst Governor in an article about the summary by Chris Edwards published earlier this month in Townhall.com. The full report is here

Quoted from the article:

“Switching to the worst governors, the report awarded eight F’s this year, with the two worst scores going to “left coast” Democrats Kate Brown in Oregon and Jay Inslee in Washington.

Spending has exploded under Brown, with the general fund budget rising 14 percent in the past two-year cycle and 10 percent in the current one. She supported...

October 2, 2018


Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

If you are angry, upset and worried about the upending of the judicial confirmation process that the left and the Democrat party has forced on us with their smear of Judge Kavanaugh, then you must realize that his confirmation really depends on you.

The left is filling the email inboxes of and making phone calls to vulnerable Republican Senators like Flake, Murkowski and Collins in a last ditch attempt to make it seen as if there is overwhelming support for them to vote no on his confirmation. Plus, they are busing in thousands of paid protestors to fill the halls of the Senate to try to shut down or alter the final vote on the Senate floor later this week.

The only way that Flake, Murkowski and Coll...

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