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Irony: Oregon Democrats Save Republicans From Themselves

It is truly ironic when the party of big government, tax and spend (Democrat) saves the supposed party of low taxes and smaller government (Republican) from shooting themselves in the foot with the taxpayers. A story in the East Oregonian lays out a twist which rarely happens in Oregon as Democrats are usually smart enough to let legislative Republicans commit political suicide, as they regularly do by supporting losing Democrat ideas like Cover Oregon, Medicaid expansion, CRC ect, costing them elections and an opportunity to govern.

So instead of introducing free market, limited government concepts to meet transportation needs, (privatizition or public/private partnerships) the brain trust of legislative Republicans exemplifies Einstein's definition of insanity by engaging in the same losing ideas of being Democrat lite and expecting different results.

Imagine how the poor and middle class are going to feel about Republicans when they learn that they put forward bills that raise their cost of living? Not to mention the effect it will have in depressing their own conservative, limited government base.

Thank goodness that legislative Democrats have dug in their heels on moving a transportation package that raises everyone's fees and gas taxes. It is for all the wrong reasons of course, but still how strange it is to see the sides of the issue change.

Yes it is indeed ironic when Democrats save Republicans from themselves by not letting their dumb ideas move forward.

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