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Trump Tax Cuts Are Helping Oregon Workers Despite Liberals Criticism

Well it seems the forgotten workers (left behind by liberal politicians) are getting pay, benefit increases, new 401K matches ect. here in Oregon despite the leftists saying that only the big corporations are going to benefit and not their workers.

They are wrong once again and here is the proof. Click on this link to see the list of large, midsize and small companies here in Oregon that are passing the tax cuts on to their workers.

The leftist politicians who run this state and who have never owned a business don't understand the capitalist profit motive which built the greatest economy in the world's history. Companies want to grow and make more money, which is why they reinvest new found dollars from the Trump tax cut into their companies and into their workers in a tight labor market. It pays big in the end to make these investments because it means prosperity for all and the fulfillment of the American dream.

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