June 19, 2017

 The "Self Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon Into Bankruptcy Coalition" recently released it's second statewide ad educating Oregon citizens about who is responsible for the ever growing PERS crisis that threatens to bankrupt the state and local gov emergency services and schools. This ad points out how Kate Brown said 15 years ago that PERS needed to be fixed but now wasn't the time to do so and how the debt has exploded under her watch by an additional 18 Billion Dollars!

Literally within days the Governor announced a citizens task force to discuss ways to reduce the massive PERS debt focusing on selling state assets rather than dealing with the underlying problems of the PERS crisis.

Even though this is likely to lead to nothing, it is ob...

May 26, 2017

Why would Gov Kate Brown and the ruling Democrats (and a few feckless Republicans?) want to raise business taxes that will be passed on to you when this new report at Forbes details 278 million dollars of wasteful spending by state government agencies to tell us how wonderful they are?

Because she. legislative leadership believe that businesses don't pay high enough taxes and that if they raise them, somehow it won't be passed on to you in the form of higher prices for everything.

They apparently don't live in the same real world as the rest of us!

But this is their established pattern of wasteful spending with such failed projects like Cover Oregon (305 million), the CRC (230 million) and many others, all the while they are growing government bigge...

May 3, 2017

 If you look at the website www.oregonponzischeme.com and the comparison's between the two, the answer is obvious. OCWF is proud to be a part of a new coalition, "the self serving politicians are driving us into bankruptcy coaltion" to raise the public's awareness about who is responsible for Oregon's own Ponzi scheme driving us into bankruptcy. To learn more go to the website above.

April 19, 2017

It is an interesting question to ponder even as far fetched as it would seem. Yet, that is what may happen soon in California as a number of appeals court rulings have reversed long held CalPERS policies. The court's rationale in these reversals undercuts the reasoning of errant Oregon Supreme Court rulings on PERS on the very same issues, thus leading to the idea that the Oregon Supremes may be forced into similar reversals for these reasons. This possibility becomes even more likely as the devastating effects of PERS employer rate increases on the state and local government  budgets (possibly hitting 40% in a few years) creates enormous pressure for the Oregon Supremes to reverse themselves.

It should be noted that the expectation is that the C...

January 31, 2017

Either this was a cover up prior to the election engaging in some serious CYA, or incompetence or just honest mistakes. 

You will have to be the judge based on the evidence we present in this post which are underlined links to relevant documents.

Two main points for consideration:
1. Based on public records received from the Governor's office it appears the Governor used her state credit card for personal expenses (for which she reimbursed the state) and then later had the Governor's official policy regarding such inappropriate uses revised (August 8, 2016) the day before OCWF received our first public records request information on August 9, 2016. The prior policy (above) had no such stated prohibitions of mistakenly using a state credit card fo...

November 1, 2016

Our Bad: We missed the link Governor Kate Brown's office sent us back on August 10 of their employee timesheets and it was mis reported in Forbes columnist Adam Andrzejewski's Oregonian OPED in Sunday's paper, so we offer our apologies to all. Having said that, OCWF has still not received the promised Governor's office calendars, credit card statements or payment vouchers after paying them $2,090 so far. In fact, it's been 60 days since we paid for them and haven't received any communication from the Gov's attorney Emily Matasar since Oct 14 when she said "It looks like I won’t get these to you by end of day today. Still hopeful you will have both the calendars and the credit card statements in the next few days. Thanks for your patience,Emily" i...

October 28, 2016

In a stunning revelation in an Oregonian article Monday, BOLI employees admitted to engaging in campaign work during normal work hours."Two of the staffers who volunteered for Avakian's campaign said on Monday that they always did so on their own time, or made up the work time later if they volunteered during work hours."

These admissions are a clear violation of Oregon law and should have been the story's headline. At a minimum, it should trigger a DOJ investigation, though with Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum's track record of ignoring obvious violations in other scandals (Kitzhaber/Cylvia Hayes FBI corruption investigation) I wouldn't hold your breath.

This revelation triggers many questions: how can anyone verify that they made up the time? B...

October 20, 2016

The answer is: we don't know. 

Why? Because BOLI redacted (blacked out) an alarming number of employee activities during normal work hours, which we have never seen before.

They used the excuse "In the calendars, we have redacted personal information and meetings that are not BOLI-related public business, as per the AG’s Public Records Manual, page A-3, under ORS 192.502(2)." that these were activities unrelated to BOLI business and they could withhold them under a legally untested Attorney General's advisory opinion, if the information was of personal nature, such as going to the doctor.  

So, we have asked BOLI to clarify that all these redactions were for truly personal business and not activities with a public interest, such as working for ca...

July 28, 2016

The words of liberal Oregon economist Joe Cortright "Its like hiring the fox to vet designs for the henhouse" are  all you need to know about the latest backroom deal in Salem that will hurt the middle class and the poor in the pocketbook and likely give more opportunities for ODOT to continue to waste tax dollars.

So once again, "the fix is in"!

This is the ruling political class of both parties stacking the deck so they can legitimize the next massive tax increase that will surely lead to more ODOT boondoggles like the CRC and the Eddyville/Pioneer Mountain by pass projects.

Any bets on how this review by a longtime ODOT consultant is going to turn out? I can guarantee this consultant will not bite the hand that feeds it, so you can expect a repor...

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