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Kate Brown Wants to Raise Your Taxes/Fees Despite More Waste!

Why would Gov Kate Brown and the ruling Democrats (and a few feckless Republicans?) want to raise business taxes that will be passed on to you when this new report at Forbes details 278 million dollars of wasteful spending by state government agencies to tell us how wonderful they are?

Because she. legislative leadership believe that businesses don't pay high enough taxes and that if they raise them, somehow it won't be passed on to you in the form of higher prices for everything.

They apparently don't live in the same real world as the rest of us!

But this is their established pattern of wasteful spending with such failed projects like Cover Oregon (305 million), the CRC (230 million) and many others, all the while they are growing government bigger and bigger.

And virtually no one is ever held accountable for these disasters because they don't want to offend the government worker unions and they believe that the evil businesses don't pay enough in taxes.

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