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It's Not Too Late For Kate the Grinch To Steal Your 'Kicker' tax refund You Know!

Right on cue, the Oregonian has a series of stories about the coming state budget deficit (amidst record revenue) and the building momentum to steal your 'kicker' tax refund to pay for it since they are roughly the same amount of money.

Funny how that happens...

This of course is in addition to non transparent Kate's proposed massive tax/fee increases that hurt the poor and middle class she kept hidden during the campaign.

While the socialist utopian ruling Democrats in the legislature can steal your 'kicker' refund outright (with Gov Kate's blessing and signature) by twisting enough arms to get the votes, they are way too smart to give Republicans a profoundly powerful issue to use against them in the next election.

Instead, they really want to hit a home run since they and their union taskmasters are feeling their oats after their big election wins in November.

They want to change the Oregon Constitution to permanently steal your 'kicker' refund by diverting it into the rainy day fund.

And of course, its always raining in Oregon because after all... its for the children.

And the best part (or worst) of this sordid, overspending by Kate and the Salem politicians tale is that they have time to steal your kicker before they have to give it back to you in the form of a tax credit in 2020. Yep they can pass out a constitutional referral to be voted on in November 2019 and if passed, then steal your kicker.

And just in time for Christmas too!!

How ironic. The very legislative Democrats and Gov Kate that say the champion the poor and middle class are actually going to become the Grinch that stole Christmas for those same people counting on their 'kicker' refund to pay off 2019 Christmas gifts.

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