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Kate Gets an "F"

We really shouldn't be surprised that a libertarian oriented think tank, the Cato Institute, would give Oregon Governor Kate Brown an “F” on their 14th biennial budget report card of nearly all the states in the country.In fact Kate Brown is presented as the worst Governor in an article about the summary by Chris Edwards published earlier this month in The full report is here

Quoted from the article:

“Switching to the worst governors, the report awarded eight F’s this year, with the two worst scores going to “left coast” Democrats Kate Brown in Oregon and Jay Inslee in Washington.

Spending has exploded under Brown, with the general fund budget rising 14 percent in the past two-year cycle and 10 percent in the current one. She supported a 2016 ballot measure to impose a gross receipts tax to raise $3 billion a year. Oregon voters defeated the measure by a 59-41 margin, but Brown ignored the anti-tax message and signed into law large tax hikes in 2017.”

Aside from the unsustainable spending that Kate and the ruling class Democrats running the legislature have enacted, what Capitol Watch found striking in this report was how obvious it is that political ideology is the big difference here. It’s the reason why all the top 5 Governors are Republicans and the bottom 8 Governors are Democrats, including Oregon’s very own Kate Brown.

In fact Kate’s so bad, her “F” rating is worse than socialist California Governor Jerry Brown.

That says a lot as California begins to swirl down around the bowl as it heads for the drain. We hope Oregonians wake up soon so we don’t repeat California’s mistakes and end up the same way.

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