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The Key To Confirming Judge Kavanaugh Is You.

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If you are angry, upset and worried about the upending of the judicial confirmation process that the left and the Democrat party has forced on us with their smear of Judge Kavanaugh, then you must realize that his confirmation really depends on you.

The left is filling the email inboxes of and making phone calls to vulnerable Republican Senators like Flake, Murkowski and Collins in a last ditch attempt to make it seen as if there is overwhelming support for them to vote no on his confirmation. Plus, they are busing in thousands of paid protestors to fill the halls of the Senate to try to shut down or alter the final vote on the Senate floor later this week.

The only way that Flake, Murkowski and Collins are going to vote yes is if you contact them and ask them to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. We must equal the noise from the other side that is trying to drown out our voices and we do that by emailing and calling those Republican Senator's offices.

We suggest you do the following: The time it takes to do this is well worth the benefit!

1. Write an email to each Senator individually (not including all three in one) using your own words to express you thoughts and feelings on this matter. We have included talking points for your consideration to put into your own words which is very important to authenticity. Visit their official websites to email them directly by clicking on the contact tab.

Talking points:

1. Please vote yes to confirm.

2. Your vote will impact my life, my children and or grandchildren's lives even though I am not your constituent.

3. Judge Kavanaugh future votes on the high court will positively impact America for generations.

4. He has been treated unfairly and smeared and that shouldn't happen to any nominee.

Sen. Flake:

Sen. Murkowski:

Sen. Collins:

2. Make a phone call or fax to one of their offices either in DC or their home state which are listed below. If the number is busy then try another office. You can leave messages also.

Sen. Flake: DC office: P: 202-224-4521 F: 202-228-0515

Phoenix: P: 602-840-1891 F: 602-840-4092

Tucson: P: 520-575-8633 F: 520-797-3232

Sen. Murkowski: DC office: P: (202)-224-6665 F: (202)-224-5301

Anchorage: P: (907) 271-3735 F: (877) 857-0322

Fairbanks: P: (907) 456-0233 F: (877) 857-0322

Sen. Collins: DC office: P: (202) 224-2523 F: (202) 224-2693

Portland: P: (207) 780-3575 F: (207) 828-0380

Bangor: P: (207) 945-0417 F: (207) 990-4604

3. Post your email or thoughts on their social media sites and on yours while encouraging others to contact them also.

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