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Is Peter Courtney's Legacy A Culture Of Sexual Harassment? You Decide

Actually, it might even worse as Democrat State Senator Shemia Fagan called Democrat Senator Courtney's actions a "gross abuse of power" as Willamette Week reported when she was the lone Democrat to vote against Courtney's re election as President of the Oregon Senate.

That she would vote against her leadership is normally the kiss of death, especially for a freshman Senator. It clearly speaks volumes that this is serious enough that she would take extraordinary steps to make her disapproval known in a most damaging and public manner.

The revelation that Senate President Courtney's long time spokesman had to resign because he was implicated in the BOLI report appears to demonstrate that Courtney had different approaches towards sexual harassment, something Senator Fagan seems to note in her vote explanation.

Imagine that: a Democrat leader who is supposed to be the guardian of women against men having a double standard that favors a man over a woman.

Who'd a thunk it!

What is stunning is that only two Republican Senators, Brian Boquist and Herman Baertschiger voted against Courtney also.

Could it be that the remaining Republican Senators believe he is the voice of moderation and that he won't stab them in the back at the end of the session?

Good luck with that!

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