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50 Shades of Hayes

The Statesman Journal showed its true colors in a recent article accusing Republicans of capitalizing on Governor Kitzhaber’s downfall by putting doubt about the intentions of SB 324-carbon fuel emissions hidden tax being peddled by the Democrat majority in the disguise of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. It seems like the reporter is simply regurgitating legislative Democrats talking points, while ignoring the elephant in the room; the FBI and Oregon DOJ investigations into corruption based on Cylvia Hayes ties to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

The Statesman Journal claims “The bill does not contain any taxes or government fees” something the flyer never says, while ignoring our claim that these are “hidden taxes”. Additionally, the piece goes on to make extraordinary claims that “Hayes' direct ties to the bill also appear exaggerated.” Really? Tell that to the FBI, US DOJ and the Oregon DOJ which have subpoenaed an extraordinary amount of information from the Governor, Cylvia Hayes, 15 state employees and 11 state agencies.

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Many news sources are connecting the dots between San Francisco gazillionaire, Tom Steyer, and Cylvia Hayes. Readers can click here, here, or here to realize the obvious. Tom Steyer has been 100% clear in his intentions for west coast policy—he wants low carbon fuel standards for the sake of taxing. It is an undisputed ninteen cent a gallon gas tax. The ties between Cylvia Hayes, John Kitzhaber and Tom Steyer are a matter of fact, not exaggerated or foggy.

A few details the reporter might want to solidify before reporting is her apparent confusion regarding Capitol Watch PAC with Oregon Capitol Watch Foundation. A simple search of the difference between a PAC and a foundation would show they are two separate entities and funded differently. Oregon Capitol Watch awaits a retraction.

The Statesman Journal, ever the defender of all things leftist, continues to embarrass itself again by simply parroting what the Democrats are saying to deflect attention away from the very obvious connections between their support for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard and a corrupt governor and his girlfriend.

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