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College Lessons In Free Speech

Apparently, free speech can only be exercised on college campuses in after students completing the necessary steps to do so. That includes meeting officials, filling out paperwork, and being limited to a specific area on campus.

A group of four students at SOU handed out copies of the Constitution on Southern Oregon University's campus Tuesday while collecting signatures to end the university’s restrictive speech policies, which limit free speech to an area that totals less than one percent of campus. While doing so, the students were approached multiple times by school administrators and campus police who all asked the students to move to a different area of campus.

It bothered college officials so much, police were called in that resulted in...nothing.

Oregon Capitol Watch is proud to highlight one of the students in the story's video, Josh Brainard is Project Liberty's (a part of Oregon Capitol Watch dedicated to conserving liberty across the state of Oregon) state coordinator. Great job Josh!

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