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Another Planned Parenthood Medicaid scam

Planned Parenthood has gotten really good at making money (from the taxpayers) over the years, especially when they buy birth control pill packets for $3, bill Medicaid $35 for them and ultimately are reimbursed by the taxpayers for $26, a nifty 800% profit! This lawsuit revealed these disturbing practices and even more unethical and potentially fraudulent behavior. It seems Planned Parenthood also asks for $10 donations from the same poor women that recieve those taxapyer funded birth control pills, creating even more profit! And it even gets better! When the pills are returned unused, they are repackaged with different dates and given to another woman, with Medicaid being billed a second time for the same pills they paid for already!

And this is not the first time they have been caught redhanded scamming the taxpayers as the story reveals another Planned Parenthood organization paid back 4.3 million to the government for similar claims in a lawsuit brought forward by another whistleblower. But, have no fear, they will likely pay no real price in the court of public opinion or be penalized by Congress as other Medicaid scammers are who are prosecuted and banned from further dealings with Medicaid. They ought to be, but don't hold your breath.

The waste of taxpayer dollars here could be massive if these practices are conducted by all Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country. Lets hope more whistleblowers step forward if that is the case and finally forces Congresses hand to stop this scam.

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