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Why are the Feds not asking for all 305 Million back that Oregon bureaucrats wasted on the failed Co

Is the fix in? I guess I shouldn't be surprised when I read this story that the Federal Government may not demand back from Oregon the entire 305 Million dollars state bureaucrats wasted on the failed Cover Oregon website which never signed up a single customer. I was stunned that it may be such a small amount of money, ($800,000 plus) that the Feds might ask Oregon to pay back to the taxpayers.

The story doesn't say that the Feds will demand it back which along with the small amount identified as not appropriate spending makes me wonder if the ghost of disgraced former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has been working quietly with the Feds (our Congressional delegation?) to make this all just go away and be forgotten. Are the Feds afraid to embarrass themselves further because they gave Kitzhaber 1.9 Billion dollars for another failing health care idea (CCO's) by demanding the full amount back for the failed website? Something is really fishy here and I think an investigation by Congress into why the CMS is not asking for all 305 million back is certainly warranted.

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