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Governor Brown Doubles Down Against Oracle and Likely Wastes Millions More.

How smart is it to have your spokesperson make disparaging comments about a company you are suing for 5 billion dollars while your lawyers are trying to negotiate a settlement? Human nature says that is pretty dumb, yet that is precisely what Governor Kate Brown has done as this story by Nigel Jaquiss reveals. To the layman, it seems that the Governor is doubling down on trying to keep the pressure on Oracle to settle, even though her office already blew it once before as the story articulates. How many more millions of your taxdollars is she going to waste (4 million so far) before someone with common sense convinces her to back off?

You would think she would want to put this entire sordid affair of disgraced former Governor Kitzhaber's doing behind her quickly for political reasons. But alas, it doesn't seem so if her spokesperson is saying things to cause Oracle to dig in their heels, which they have just done by filing another lawsuit today to force the state to accept the previous settlement offer.

This is just another chapter in Oregon's long history of disasterous technology projects which have all been laid at the feet of bureaucrats and this one will be no different. Better to settle now Kate than to lose in court and cost the state many millions more.


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