Citizen Initiative Blackmail Hurts Citizens: Five House R's buy the lie while the Senate R's

Five Oregon House Republicans have voted once and likely twice for a bill that will drastically raise electricity rates, make the electrical grid less reliable and violate limited government, free market principles. Why? Because it is the lesser of two evils approach brought on by the radical environmentalists blackmailing them with a possible draconian citizens initiative. This story in the Oregon Catalyst illustrates how legislators make deals with the devil after having beleived the many lies told by the discredited environmental community, plus giving the crony capitalist big energy providers a sweet deal.

Thanks to the Senate Republicans who have stood arm in arm against this insanity, not to mention the clear thinking House Republicans who voted and will vote no. We believe it is a false choice that these 5 House R's are making as the citizens initaitive is easily defeated with the right messaging about how dramatically this will raise their rates, which the crony capitalist big energy companies would be forced to spend lots of their ratepayer money to fight.

Our prediction: This bill will not stop the next radical environmental inititiave that will further punish the working families and elderly of the state with outrageously high electrical bills. These 5 House Republicans who voted for this turkey, Reps Kreiger, Gilliam, Johnson, Buehler and Huffman will have a lot of egg all over their face when the enviros come back soon with an even worse citizens initaitve.

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