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Is Gov Kate Brown Feeling the Heat on PERS?

The "Self Serving Politicians are Driving Oregon Into Bankruptcy Coalition" recently released it's second statewide ad educating Oregon citizens about who is responsible for the ever growing PERS crisis that threatens to bankrupt the state and local gov emergency services and schools. This ad points out how Kate Brown said 15 years ago that PERS needed to be fixed but now wasn't the time to do so and how the debt has exploded under her watch by an additional 18 Billion Dollars!

Literally within days the Governor announced a citizens task force to discuss ways to reduce the massive PERS debt focusing on selling state assets rather than dealing with the underlying problems of the PERS crisis.

Even though this is likely to lead to nothing, it is obvious that the ad moved her to action.

Can she be pushed to real solutions if she feels more heat?

Stay tuned for more!

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