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Is Kate Brown Hiding Illegal Campaign Activity With Calendar Redactions?

It seems Oregon Governor Kate Brown is taking a page out of disgraced fellow democrat Brad Avakian's playbook by redacting large portions of her official calendar according to this recent article by Adam Andrzejeweski in Forbes magazine.

Is she hiding the same kind of illegal activity that Avakian did?

As noted in our post about Avakian's calendar redactions which lead to the admission that BOLI employees were in fact illegally working for Avakian's campaign during normal work hours, it isn't a stretch to believe that Kate Brown is doing the same.

This time honored Democrat technique of using taxpayer funded resources to illegally benefit Democrats like Governor Kitzhaber and BOLI Commissioner Avakian appears to be the same tactic Governor Brown is employing now as the Forbes article points out.

The article shows evidence of an astounding 86% of the Governor's personal calendar days have redactions which is an awful lot of non transparency.

So, what is 'Kover Up Kate' hiding now?

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